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How To Take Care Of Your Lips In Cold Weather?

The Importance Of Lip Health

One of the major features of one’s face is the lips. The soft, full-bodied, pink lips can always enhance one’s beauty. Your lips can say a lot about your lifestyle. Dry, sore, and scaly lips are something that can happen to anyone at any time, irrespective of the weather. It is quite important to keep the lips nourished by either using Coconut Oil For Your Lips or other essential oils. Applying essential oils to not only lips but also other body parts helps to keep the skin hydrated. Find out more here about how oiling your belly button benefits your body. Using a great lip balm can help you keep the lips healthy to an extent. If you have dry lips or chapped lips, it is time to take the corrective measure to make your lips look better.

Tips For A Better Lip Care Routine

Here are certain tips that can help you in making your lips healthy.


Lips are considered one of the softest parts of our body. For taking care of the same, exfoliation can make great differences. Before you sleep, try applying lip balm. The next morning, use a warm or damp cloth to rub any dry or dead skin. This process will improve the blood circulation around the lips. You can also try exfoliating your lips with sugar and use honey and almond oil to moisture the lips after the exfoliation.

Stay Hydrated

Many people have dry skin, and they use numerous products to keep the skin moist. However, it is important to know that not drinking enough water is the common cause of having dry skin. As per studies, it is important to have at least three liters of water a day as the body loses liquid in sweat. Staying hydrated can do miracles in your body. After a few days, you will notice a good change in not only your lips but also your skin will glow.

Lip Balms

Using a good quality lip balm with coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter can protect your lips from pollution and heat. When you buy lip balms, ensure to look at the ingredients used. Lip balms that contain ingredients like camphor can make your skin dry. Also, ensure that you check the expiry date of the lip balms.


Vitamin E has many healing properties. You can cut the capsule and apply the oil right to your lips. It helps to boost blood circulation and makes your lips softer and moist by generating new skin cells. Another great way of moisturizing your lips is using the magic ingredient Aloe vera. The gel has some great healing properties that can moist your lips and make them healthy.

Do Not Go To Bed With Your Makeup On

Keeping the makeup on while you go to sleep will do no good to the skin and lips. Before going to bed, it is a good practice to take off any lipstick or makeup by using a good makeup removing wipe.

Keeping your lips moist and healthy during cold weather can be a challenge. However, if you use the right products and follow the said tips, you can get soft and healthy lips.

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